POINTR Collaboration Features

  • Live video & audio stream
  • AR annotations
  • Live & pause mode
  • Field Notes
  • Camera selector
  • External cameras
  • Desktop sharing
  • Text chat
  • Camera privacy


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  • POINTR is the only solution globally approved for security critical infrastructure facilities like power plants
  • Unique communication protocol for extreme security
  • No firewall configuration needed
  • All data encrypted and handled confidentially
  • No collection of non-essential data.
  • No access to personal data, session content or saved files by software providers or third parties


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  • Guaranteed image quality in limited bandwidth to ensure collaboration safety
  • Image always in sync at both ends of the call to be sure, you are collaborating on the same view
  • Able to be used on any network connection, from 4G to satellite
  • Automatic re-connection in the situation of network/power loss to prevent constant re-calls in environments with poor connectivity


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  • Cloud-based computing infrastructure enables effortless scaling-up from a small local business to a global enterprise
  • Supports all standard devices and industrial wearables, ‘the solution is always available in your professional’s pocket’
  • Easy to use, no training needed, zero configuration
  • Ecosystem distribution model enabling deployment through network effect across the entire business ecosystem


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Field ready for all standard devices

POINTR is field ready for all standard devices.
This enables your professionals to have constant access to the solution regardless of their location and allows you to support your customers on which platform they are using.
The UI stays exactly the same on all platforms and on all devices. which makes moving between devices easy.
All standard external cameras are also supported. Whether you prefer an external webcam on your laptop, a high-end helmet camera or a simple endoscope, all cameras plugged in are available for POINTR use from the camera selector menu.



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